Currently studying at the Cooper Union in NYC
Statement of pupose:
The focus of my work remains in line with perception of the visable world. Regardless of my point of view, or yours, our world materializes through form and color. I explore manipulations of perceived space.

Further information:
Space is a physical entity that is both interpreted and digested individually from person to person. My paintings work to put my own interpretation of space out for public display. In my work, space is dictated through context, environment, and characteristics and most importantly for me, color. My paintings emerge through a visual description of past spaces directed in by color and form. On canvas the colors pull from memory and imagination and are meant to bring a viewer into my space. “Police car day and night” came to life through a specific night reflection while driving at dusk on the highways of West Palm Beach. The vast array of blues and greys the sky becomes at dusk are not only exquisite, but also very unambiguous to that time of day. I passed a police car that was emanating that very ultraviolent blue and became enamored by the scene. While I have projected specific spaces in paintings and my other works, they are open and ask to be interpreted from viewer to viewer in individual ways. In some way I aim to set up particular conditions based around my interpretations of space and somewhat leave it to exist in its own timeline.  With my works it’s about a contemplative arena. My sculptures and fiber art are a continuation of abstracting reality using a variety of materials. I see my sculptures as a 360-degree view that zooms into one particular aspect of a space I create. Similarly the rug gives a different perspective of physical entrance to my spaces. Rugs are such a domestic space the body almost knows to enter it which I feel allows for a seamless transition from viewership to interpretation. Abstraction may seem to alter reality but for me abstraction is just another way to describe it.
-Fritz Gallery, 2018, Palm Beach Florida
-Axiom Fine Arts, 2018, Orlando Florida
-Saatchi arts online exhibition, 2016
-41 Cooper square gallery 2016
-HG Arts Gallery, 2015
-Ettra Gallery 2014/2015, Delray Beach, Florida
-RawArtistsMiami - 2014, Miami, Florida

Winner of Artslant Showcase 2013, 2014
Feature Artists Saatchi Art of London 2014
British Vogue, January 2015 - Arts section

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